My work-in-progress manifesto:

Handspun yarn should look spun by hand.*

Handmade stuff in general should look made by hand.**

Recycle, reuse.***

Color pooling is good.****

Self-striping or hands painted yarns are best knitted with simplicity in mind.*****

Manufactured wool clothing still has its place.******

Words are still important.*******

This blog is on a strict fiber diet.********

* If I want my yarn to look perfect, or even near perfect, I’ll buy it and save time and money.

**Everything I make is entirely unique, even if I use the same materials, I do not use precise patterns or have mad sewing skills so it will never look cookie-cutter uniform.

***The term “upcycle” is really making me cringe these days, we don’t need a new word for recycle, and I think of upcycle in terms of giant manufacturing processes of which the average DIYer is incapable of doing, still though, I may be forced to use that term in tagging and whatnot one day… but please don’t make me!  Support the take back recycling revolution!  Also there are so  many gorgeous usable fabrics in clothing that I could never afford straight off the bolt or skein – and anyway a sheep/goat/rabbit/alpaca/etc. grew it, so keep using it!

****Yes, I’ll admit that this can occasionally be an annoyance – no one like a big blurp of the loudest color across the loudest part of one’s anatomy, but for accessories and whatnot, blurp and blob and blat and pool away!

*****Let the stripe or color blurp do its thing – I get sad when I see beautiful lace patterns that someone spent a helluva time on, and you can’t see the pattern for the yarn’s pattern. Conversely, I’m irritated by the designer who uses busy yarn for the pattern photo, and you can’t see what the pattern is supposed to be.

******I could wear handknits until the sheep come home, but I love my [insert brand of merino product here] base layers and squishy boot socks.  I know there are some environmental evils of irresponsible sheep farming, but it’s an industry I’d prefer to support over oil.  Who wants to wear something made of plastic?

*******A dog scarfs his food, but I make many scarves… (I mean no criticism for whom English is not a native language, in fact I’m grateful and humbled that the world is coming together with craft and English is often the common language) but come on Americans, you have no excuse, we mostly didn’t learn any other languages from childhood.

********None of my hack recipes, pictures of kids, long political rants, stories of personal woe (unless craft related), or religious inspirations (or lack thereof).

For a little bit about me, see my first post.

About my name – yes, I do have problems with my eyesight, and I am also plagued by some vicious floaters, but floaters are also bodies, poop, dumplings, and long strands (floats) of yarn in colorwork, so I didn’t want to use that in my name.

Disclaimer about any links – I might grab them quickly for the purposes of reference – if you see one that is the child of a hideous right-wing, ultra-religious, misogynistic, racist, anti-gay, anti-anything good on this green earth, puppy-hating, etc., site please let me know.

My pictures are MINE MINE MINE.  Do not use/copy/post/yank/gank/pin/sell them without my permission.  I’d be happy if you want to use them, just ask.


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  1. Hiya! I (dre of Grackle & Sun) have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award because I think your blog is full of awesome goodness. If you would like to accept this blog award, you may find the link here:


    And if you’re not into the whole blog award thing, that’s ok, too. The rules for the award were passed on to me. Please know that I did not nominate you because I expect a follow back. I nominated your blog because I read it regularly and genuinely appreciate your writing and the work you do and wanted to share that with my readers. Thank you!



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