Quilts in my past – part I

Henry’s quilt.

My family used to be uniformly non-breeder (except for my parents of course) or maybe I should be kinder and call us child-free by choice.  We’re still largely so, but around nine years ago my oldest brother (and the one most irritated by the little buggers) surprised us all with a son, and then another.  This first child born into a family exclusively of adults caused quite a ruckus.  My parents soon became giddy this-child-is-perfect grandparents and I got an unexpected nesting/estrogen/crafty-auntie boost.  I made soft toys, a crib quilt, and later a twin-sized quilt.  I can’t find pictures of the crib quilt, and don’t even really remember it, but the twin-sized one is the last one I made in my old little apartment on the dining table.  It was made from cotton homespun purchased at a small town fabric shop and a few from the fabric big-box.  The quilting and binding was sloppy, but I had no room to properly lay it out and baste it, and I don’t like that step anyway, so I rushed it.  I have several vintage sewing machines, but this Atlas is my good old standby.

henry's quilt 1

henry's quilt 2

henry's quilt 3

I never took a picture of it when it was finished which is too bad, since I really liked the fabrics in this one, and I think I used them all up.  Funny thing about babies though, by the second one, I no longer had the motivation to make anything for him apart from a few simple knitted items which is sad?  But then again, I figured a crib quilt and toys and anything washable can be used over and over again….  But I do feel a little obligated to make a larger quilt for him sometimes, but my SIL now sews too so…


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