Anniversary assessment

November 2013 007 - Copy

I first posted to this blog a year ago today.*

I wanted to keep a journal of the things I make and get into the habit of writing again.

On that point, I’ve stayed on course.

I wanted to publicly declare my unfinished objects (UFOs) in order to shame myself into finishing them.

On that point, I’ve utterly failed.**

And I wanted to keep true to my mission statement/manifesto.

That one had mixed results – I’ve slipped up on whining about my personal woes.

But woes affect workflow and the creative process – occasionally for the better, but most often for the worse.

Of physical states and habitation, nothing has changed from last year.

Of mental states, artistic paths, and new careers, I’m still lost.

This was also a year spent in mountains around the country and world and those were the good parts.

Otherwise the suspended animation-ness of the rest is maddening.

But I’ll continue to putter about and ramble on all things fiber for a bit – I’ll even fess up to some more UFOs in the new year.

sept. 09 031 - Copy

*Thank you for reading.

I won’t brag about my reader statistics because I can’t – I know most of you in life or ravelry, so consider yourselves a special, intimate, elite group!

**In case you’re keeping track, I have not finished Long term UFOs – part I, part II, part III, or part IV.  And I recently and completely forgot about part IV, but I’m closest to finishing that one and the quilts will have to wait until I have more space.



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2 responses to “Anniversary assessment

  1. it’s nice to stop and take stock. but don’t be too hard on yourself. do you collaborate? do you have creatively stimulating folks who understand and can cheer you on? i use the blog to get this for myself–collaboration and support. but it’d be nice to find folks in my town who get me. seems impossible though.

  2. Hey there! Yes, meeting live creative people in my neck of the woods is pretty impossible – I’m sure I could find some ladies who like to quilt or make watercolors to match their sofas but I really can’t swallow that… I’d love to collaborate more though – I’ve had my head up my ass working on a portfolio for the last 6 months, so I need to look up and around now… Still struggling with the art vs. craft of fiber, and finding art people who understand the craft, or craft people who accept the rule-breaking of art…

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