Picture-perfect knits

I’ve been seeing photographs of knitting printed on things lately.  Maybe it’s a trend, maybe it’s already passed – I don’t follow such things or care about them, but they’re catching my eye and I’m not quite sure how I feel about them – I like the use of photography on textiles, and I think there is some humor and novelty in these pieces, but maybe I just like real things more?

(I don’t endorse any of these items or their brands).

Abruzzo October 2013-faux knits

I saw these comforters in a shop window in Italy last autumn – I don’t know who makes them.  I like the “big cable-knit” one, but I’d rather have it in a duvet cover – I’d buy something like that (on sale) (on a big sale) since I’d probably get sick of it after awhile.  The colorful piece is a fake granny square afghan – I think it’s a bit cute – and would be nicer to touch than the real thing in acrylic.

dansko professional funky knit

These Dansko clogs were lusted after by many on ravelry over the last year or two.  I hate Dansko since they broke with Sanita and I won’t buy their no-longer-European-made crap any longer, though I love clogs.  These are just too novelty for me – I’d probably wear them if I worked in a yarn store, but then I’d probably get sick of people asking me where I got them.

uniqlo vest

And I have to admit I got suckered in to looking at the Uniqlo website after seeing their giant signs and advertisements for stuff-able down jackets in awesome colors for a good price.  And saw this vest there too (although it’s gone now).  I’m guessing that this stuff isn’t the best quality and is of dubious manufacturing, so I’ll keep my money for now.

One of these days I’d like to start playing with textiles printed with photographs, but not like this.

These things actually make me want to make the real thing – a giant cabled bedspread, clogs covered with knitting, and a wool down vest…


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