In like a lion or, a fox…?

March arrived with a couple of little back to back icy storms, but it held the promise of a thaw…


And then we had a satisfying morning watching the neighborhood fox hunt (unsuccessfully) in the yard…


Followed shortly thereafter by more f*cking snow.

So it’s back to the wintertime blues.

Quite literally – I realized much of what I’ve been working on lately is blue, which is a little odd for me…


Like this Sperry sweater (I’m a little afraid it doesn’t have as much ease as I’d like, but I’m not quite far enough along to know for sure…)


And this scrappy little quilt made from clothes that were both mine and not that’s much farther along than this now…


And finally, this big “old shale” stole out of recycled yarn.  I wanted to restock my etsy shop with some handknits like this, but I think etsy has gotten too evil for me – do you have a suggestion for a new marketplace site to use for handmade goodies?



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2 responses to “In like a lion or, a fox…?

  1. Cute fox. Eek about Etsy. A lot of sellers i know and/or amire have been pretty feed up with Etsy for a while now and so most decided to integrate a cart (like Big Cartel) on their own websites. So I rarely even look at Etsy anymore. What kinds of stuff are you looking for?

    • I liked the marketplace aspect of Etsy – the way someone could bump into your stuff by searching for something random, or the trendy cultural component of folks shopping there instead of at the mall – I’ll never get that traffic here! I also like the emporium-like quality with folks selling notions and whatnot. But yeah, Etsy has been going downhill like Ebay did…

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