Fiber recycling, international edition

This video has been knocking about the fiber sphere

With its lilting life-affirming soundtrack, it straddles a very strange position of being a quasi-anti-capitalism statement and pro-slavery propaganda piece…

See the poor workers in the big factory with wide smiles on their faces?

Don’t you feel good knowing that when you discard your bejeweled panties they end up in the hands of a beautiful woman in India making something new from them?

Recycling is good and right and necessary.

Clothing becomes worn or misshapen beyond repair, and it should be reused for new yarn, moving blankets, and insulation and the like…

But how many of those garment slashers have slashed themselves? Have become unemployed after loosing fingers?

Exposed whirring circular saws and scimitar-like blades…

And oh, good god, the fiber dust – one woman wore a scarf over her face – does she already have asthma or worse…?

And India gets hot, really, really, really hot.

And how many hours for how much pay?

And the kids – do they work there too? Do the parent not make enough for school or their care? (Yeah, there might be cultural differences on that one, but probably not.)

And what about benefits?

And what about retirement?

And what is the environmental cost of all that shipping and water and waste from re-manufacturing?

Oh, but they have hope! And quaint comments about our excess! And big smiles!

Textile recycling should exist and does because we’re wasteful fatcats but it probably wouldn’t be viable to the capitalists unless it’s cheap, and it can only be cheap if it’s done like this…

kinda sounds like that old American cotton argument…


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