Playing/paying telephone…

I am somewhat resistant to change in general – the big life ones, not the truly beneficial ones – but especially if it costs more.

I still don’t own a smartphone or use a cell phone on a regular basis.

But my landline has been sketchy since a batch of thunderstorms a couple weeks ago, and along with it, my DSL (yes, I’m in the sticks and refuse to buy cable). So I’ve had intermittent service, and just when I think all is well, I realize I blew the only good 10 minutes of connectivity of the day reading ravelry forums and dicking around on my Instagram with my non-phone tablet.

My cellphone is a pre-paid thing that costs less than $10 a month, and I’ve had it for so long and use it so little that I’ve built up thousands of minutes (good thing for when my landline craps out). The company recently sent me a new flip phone because the one I had became obsolete. I hate the new phone – I have to charge it more than once a week and I never remember to do it. It has more options I’ll never use and a color screen I don’t need and all I want to do is make a call if I absolutely have to or get the occasional text if I’m expecting it (or traveling) and I’ll go days without looking at the thing.

Wiping out the old phone was interesting – the camera was entirely shit, so I only used it if I saw a floor pattern I liked…

Hex - phone

(first appeared in this post)


…or to send a pic to N if I was traveling without him.

But it’s off to a donation site as well as an international one that only worked for the two weeks I needed it for initially, but not for the next two weeks that were supposed to justify its purchase…

Since 1996, I’ve owned 5 cell phones – all discarded due to obsolescence (I know this number is remarkably low) but I still have a rotary dial phone since then that was already several decades old, and still works fine – nay, it sounds way better than all cell phones now. (I do have another button phone for calls involving menus though).

But I should keep this post short since I may loose it and I was going to go into a full-on rant, but the gist is we’re creating so much garbage with these cell phones, toxic garbage, and though we can think we’re donating and recycling them, they’ve still been manufactured (by polluting facilities and exploited labor) and they’ll still reduce to some unreusable parts.

And they essentially run on coal.

(Unless your electric supplier is clean and green).

Old landline phones don’t use electricity.

And “regular” cell phone plans are needlessly expensive in the states.




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6 responses to “Playing/paying telephone…

  1. Pia

    I have a smart phone, old and inherited from G, but only because my other phone lost its mic. A bit hard to use a phone where nobody can hear you speak! I hardly text anyone ever. And I don’t have internet on it, because why, when I have a nice big computer screen? I still use the old one to play music, it fits in a pocket and that way I don’t have the charge the other one so much (it’s always dying just when I actually need it, leaving the house).

    • Pia

      I can beat your cost btw. My company takes a minimumn of $1.80 a month whether you use them up talking or not. I never pay anything more than that.

      • Yeah, plans here start at something like $60 or so, I don’t even know – I just know that they’re cheap in most of Europe so why not here? (Probably we need more towers, but still…) I sort of like the idea of a mic-less phone for some people… 🙂

  2. Marlee

    ditto, ditto, ditto! I have the same phone that you are talking about…never had a cell phone before but need it for a trip to communicate schedules etc with the kids.
    I never needed one and won’t be using it until the next trip.
    and…I hate cell towers!

  3. I like my smartphones, but I’m dreading the bill for it back in the US!

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