Quilts in my past – part III

The reversible chintz quilt.

In the late 1980s my mother re-decorated our living room in a chaos of chintz – florals, stripes, and solids in wedgewood blues, peaches, and sage.  It was over the top, but the room suddenly became bright and inviting and a good place to read the paper in the morning, especially in the winter since it was perpetual springtime in there.  Fast forward to my first apartment outside of college and I needed a quilt.  I can’t remember how I acquired the fabric – if she was tossing it and I “rescued” it, or I mentioned making a quilt and she mentioned she had a lot of leftover fabric.  But I pieced up a top in large random blocks, realized I still had leftovers, and made a pieced backing.  I then sandwiched it with cotton batting and ran some “straight” lines through the thing and was done.  I wasn’t a fan of chintz but it brightened the room and went well with a tarnished antique brass bed I had.  Then in a few years, I no longer had the bed and the relationship that went with it, and discovered the joy and necessity of sleeping under down, so I gave the quilt to my mom who still uses it.  I never photographed it properly – just a few Polaroids to make transfers in the name of “art” back in the day.

DSCF7133 - Copy



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2 responses to “Quilts in my past – part III

  1. very vintage…this would’ve been the perfect photo to put on an album cover for dylan’s “lay lady lay”

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