Loom fairy?

I’ve been thinking about weaving for the last year or two… but since we moved from a good-sized house into a shithole apartment and I’m under-employed, buying a loom is very stupid on many counts at the moment – besides I don’t even know where to start with the various kinds/types/styles of looms and what I ultimately might like best.


I was a very crafty child and was fortunate to have parents who encouraged it, so I would get various tools and supplies for my birthday – rug hooking kits, cross stitch stuff, beads, millions of yards of  embroidery floss for friendship bracelets, and the like.  I can’t remember the details of when I got this loom – maybe the late 1970s or early ’80s?  It is German or Germanic and I can’t imagine where my mom found it in the Midwest back then.  Fast forward to a few months ago, and I found it in their basement where it had miraculously survived their last slash and burn move, and voila!  I have a loom.  So ok, it is a kiddie toy, but I’ve made a couple of smallish strips of fabric from it and they have promise to become part a larger item – I’m thinking of incorporating them into bags.  And the loom has a good slot size (actual term?) for handspun, so it’s great for using up leftovers not much good for anything else – I’m pleasantly surprised how much further yardage goes in weaving rather than knitting.

NM weaving

mossy weaving

But now I think I’ve been bitten by a small weaving bug…  I wish there was a loom fairy or I’d be lucky enough to find one thrifting – I’ve heard tales of that actually happening (the thrifting bit, not the fairy)…



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6 responses to “Loom fairy?

  1. kamckinney

    A: It is awesome that you “found” a loom and B: that you actually made a kids toy work! I looked up a lot of “make your own loom” stuff on YouTube, made something out of cardboard and the end result looks like a Blair Witch prop, so Bravo ,YOU!

  2. Maybe put some yarn under your pillow to entice the loom fairy…just a suggestion!

  3. Loom fairies are out there!
    I was holding a casual conversation with a customer while at work. Somehow the conversation went from kaleidoscopes to weaving and it turned out the lady was an ex weaver trying to get rid of a loom!! She had a Nilus Leclerc loom and nobody wanted it….. and said that I could have it for free if I could figure out how to get it from Southern California to Arizona.
    I did some fast thinking and talking, and found a friend who was traveling to her area to visit family. I paid my friend for her gas for the trip….. and she hauled the loom back here for me!
    Believe in loom fairies….. who knows what will turn up!

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