Bye bye continued…

So the Blackbird isn’t the only one going away these days…

We finally, successfully bought a house.


This little hallway sold it for me – I love a good hall and nook.

However, much of the place is not so good, so I’ll be spending the next few months patching and painting and sanding and staining and sealing and tiling and ripping out [not stitches] and installing and digging and hauling and biting at the heels of one or two hired professionals.

I won’t go in to the rehab to tiresome lengths (or maybe I will someplace else, because I regret not better documenting our last home transformation) but the place needs some serious color and character and will take the place of most of my fiber work in the near future – but then again, we also need curtains and re-upholstery and rugs and something to disguise a nasty basement drop-ceiling…

[packing my sh*t and moving it takes up several circles of hell]



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4 responses to “Bye bye continued…

  1. Congratulations on the new home. Sorry for the packing and moving.

  2. Katie

    Ooh, that is a nice hall–and defies your categorization of the house as one of the ugliest houses in a pretty town, etc.; I have no doubt it’ll move several notches up in the ranks by the time you’ve done your work. If you document the transformation on another blog, let me know! I’m with you in regret there aren’t more before/after pics of your other place…

    • Thank you for your encouragement! We’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I think I’ll bather on about most of the updates here after all – I don’t really have the time or focus to start something new…

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