Get off yer asses and go vote!

This country has been f*cked up for some time (and perhaps always) but it’s not the fault of one man (maybe a bit because of the man before the current  man) but it is largely the fault of men.

Mostly white men.

Dividend yields, offshore accounts,  hedge funds, trust funds, mutual funds, stock options,  investment portfolios, tax loopholes, year end bonuses, wealth management, and even pension plans are meaningless to most of us – we’re not gaily frolicking under a shower of golden nuggets pissing down from above.  And yes, a few votes don’t have more strength than a fat wallet, but we can at least try to elect people who look and act more like us to represent us at the lower levels to push our sh*t up from the bottom, right?

I had a doctor appointment in a busy hospital on the outskirts of a poor urban area last week.  The the door to my exam room was left open and I could see and hear what was going on in the room across the hall.  In it was a young man who had been shot in the head while driving  6 months before.  Now, I’m going to make a whole bucket of assumptions here (and he could have been an investment banker for all I know) and say what options do men like him (before the shooting) have – join the military so he can legally pop others in the head?  Our education systems fails too many, our healthcare system is inhumane, our environment is getting scary, and our culture and humanity is disgustingly and alarmingly low or gone.

Last week we were also in DC to do some research.


We had a fine view of the Washington Monument from the crapper in the hotel room.


And I saw evidence that for hundreds of years people like some of my ancestors who couldn’t read and write or even make a decent X for “his mark”  lived and mildly prospered in this country.  They were able to slowly transition from hard manual work to have educated and more comfortable offspring after a few generations.

But somewhat more comfortable should not mean complacent, especially now the momentum on those generations is slipping backwards.

But the lower class individual can only do so much…

sock on second train

But you can do a lot of knitting while on trains to and from DC.



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  1. N

    “I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.” – Gramsci

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