What’s in the basket?

Not my brother…*


I say I’m on a buying of all things, especially old things, hiatus… perhaps even a lifetime ban.

But I couldn’t resist a gourd.

 I could plant some gourds, I could probably get one free from a neighbor, but I actually paid $4.00 for this one.



Because it was used as a darning egg!

And came with a basket filled with other useful things.


Needles are always handy and I love that they used to be promotional items (not to mention I love the graphic design and re-use of other little packages)…


And things that were once made in Europe but are now made in China…

(the notions, not the dust wads.)


And evidence that the  original owner was perhaps a Nervous Nellie as well as a photographer…


And another mysterious notion – what is it?


It’s got “Waldes Perfex” stamped on it as a registered trademark.  I couldn’t find the trademark, but several patents on “Perfex” exist for textile, cleaning, and photography products.  I find anecdotal evidence of others finding these with old knitting supplies, so perhaps they’re stitch markers?  They seem a bit pokey and impractical though…  I can’t think of an application for them with photography unless these were poked through the sprockets in film for some reason or another…?

Anyone know what they are?


I’ve never seen the movie, but I just might have to check it out…



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8 responses to “What’s in the basket?

  1. So many great finds! I especially liked the Western Auto catalog. My dad (and his dad before him) owned a WA back in the day in Western PA.

  2. Beth

    My mom used the Waldes Perfex pictured above as paper clips, so that’s how I’ve known them. I don’t recall if I’ve ever been able to purchase them in store though.

  3. Beth

    See more at the paper clip museum, specifically the Fay paper clip:

  4. Jody Bishel

    Your clip was probably originally on a paper flower made in occupied Japan. They were made of accordion folded tissue paper with a stick/stem glued to each end. To make the flower the two stem pieces were clipped together forming a circle flower head. They show up on ebay sometimes.

  5. Sheryl

    I found some of those funky paper clip looking things along with some bobbie pins and plastic clips in my Grandmothers sewing things. I believe they are not paper clips, but holders/ markers for hems!

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