Randomly, as the season begins to change…


We’ve got a rogue patch of overachieving daffodils that bloomed weeks before their cousins.

And immediately it becomes spring.

Our bodies are still confused about the seasons…

turkey devonshire

Still craving heavy winter food – like the disgusting-looking, but oh-so-delicious turkey devonshire sandwich – better with smoked turkey and yes, you can make cheese sauce with soy milk, and of course, lots of cheese, and I’m not one to believe bacon makes everything better, but in this case, it does…


But also finally feeling warm enough to eat ice cream…

last of the 2014 salsa

But disappointed because last year’s home-canned tomatillo salsa ran out way before we can make more…

New tin

Still not quite willing to give up indoor activities like thrifting – especially when I can add a new tin to my collection


Or a crocheted thing to protect newly finished furniture

Little quilt

And sewing little things because my physical space and current brain can’t handle anything much bigger…


And continuing to unpack and arrange long stored things (Morandi, anyone?)…

whitewash not

And dragging my heels in deep about finishing the basement…

I experimented with whitewashing the ugly paneling, but only succeeded in making it uglier.

More painting, again? Now, so soon after all the rest…?




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2 responses to “Randomly, as the season begins to change…

  1. nicko

    Let’s skip the redo, hang tie-dyed drapery along the paneling, find some vintage shag carpet at Goodwill, dig out your lava lamp (I know you have one somewhere in those boxes), and call our new “dazed and confused” basement done. If you want, we can bring the record player and Neil Young downstairs, too. xxxooo

    • Yeah, sounds like you’re going to have a lot of fun with Neil down in your new “man cave!”
      (Why don’t we hang an old parachute from the drop ceiling frame and do an epoxy floor with inlaid copper glitter?)

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