Chugging along

With the help of N, the yarn bowl is now sturdy again and is occupying a place in the living room.

My goal is to get rid of the other yarn bowl on the side table so that the room only has two project receptacles in it at a time – the standing bowl and a ubiquitous African basket. But the standing bowl is shallow, and the other is deeper and holds that sweater I’ve been pissing and moaning about, so once the sweater is done, the bowl can go, right?

I’m not even sure I like the sweater any more – I love the yarn in it, but I don’t really want/need another pullover, but it’s useless now without the bottom tenth and the sleeves, and I don’t want to unravel it, so I just need to bang it out.

Like these socks – for a minute they were never-ending, then they were done.

And just in time for a cold snap.



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