And I forgot to title it

I’m out of the habit of being here, but need to park my project notes and such someplace other than ravelryfuckyouverymuch now…

But time is elusive, my photos are a mess, and blah, blah, blah…

(And I’m hating the ads here, but can I afford to pay to make them go away…?)

But I finally finished something I originally came here for (public shaming/accountability for long-suffering WIPS).

Quilt made from old shirts in a random pattern hung from deck with sunburst

N’s quilt made from his old 1990s button-up shirts.

I decided it would end more quickly as a throw rather than a queen size, but then it ended as a wide twin/not quite wide enough/but long enough full.

(The other long term unfinish shit from 2013 is still unfinished.)

mutt sitting in front of scrappy quilt on deck

I didn’t photograph the quilt after its wash, so it looks a little crappier here than it does now (and it’s decorated with dog hair) but between it and making nearly 200 masks, I’ve got my sewing mojo back.

But not really for clothes, though I cranked out one pair of PJ pants that are too big but comfy and a half-done skirt that was clearly too small.

Knitting and spinning are still happening and a new fiber beast came to take over the house.

blue and white cotton weaving with shuttle

More on that later.

And the garden which got destroyed this year but recovered.

I’m lucky to live in a blue state.

I voted.

I hope you do too unless you support the piece of shit there now.




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2 responses to “And I forgot to title it

  1. Pia

    I haven’t used Wp OR Ravelry for a long time, so, what’s up with the latter? (I know how I hate the new wp block editor, I’m ready to go back to notepad for my website needs….)

    And what a handsome new owner of a somewhat old blanket! (or is it the other way round?)

    • Rav launched a new interface that is a migraine trigger for me – and others have experienced seizures – they’re chalking it up to mass hysteria because the design is very ugly and people don’t like it rather than it’s actually causing real harm. And not to mention it doesn’t work with people using accessibility tools. The owners haven’t done enough to fix it and delete/lock/archive any negative comments about it – it’s a total shitshow.
      You can still get to the old site through Internet Explorer, but they’re going to kill that in 6 months.
      (And I’m still using the old Wp editor too – need to find out how long that will be available!)

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