A change other than the seasons…

I showed up here after I lost my job the first time around.

But that turned out to be only temporary, and I got it back first by half time, and then full – happily telecommuting all the while – and things started moving forward and building up steam and for the last few months I was preparing to uproot my (our) life all over again to return to the city we call home though neither of us was born there, and we’d literally just gotten around to unpacking here…

dead robin*

But then I didn’t get the job, “my” job that I’ve been wedded to for nearly 15 years.

Complaining about the reason why would make me an asshole, and I am not one.

(At least in this circumstance.)

So now I’ve got to start all over again, without tearing at my breast screaming injustice, and wallowing too much in what I’ve loved and lost – it was a divorce, not a death, so I can’t grieve and move on – I have to deal with teary phone calls, people choosing sides regardless of my desire for them not to, colleagues and constituents asking me about things the new “wife” doesn’t know (and won’t for some time), and trying to explain to future employers in guarded language and lies that technically aren’t, why I “left” my last job.

dead grape hyacinths

But there is also a bit of relief – things have been maddeningly up in the air since last November, and many more things were delayed (like the garden) since we thought we were going to have to hurry up and sell the house. But now much of that has turned into anxiety as I scramble to get things back in order for life here while cutting the strings with finality from our old home city and fully completing our move here with all of the administrative annoyances – closing and opening bank accounts, no longer paying taxes in places I no longer live but still worked, changing health plans again (nooooo!!!!), and closing vastly underfunded retirement plans, etc., etc., etc.

It’s almost as if we have moved again, only without the back pain.

garden 16 start

(But our backs are screaming in pain due to rushed garden improvements – some new raised beds, blueberry bushes! a gooseberry bush! rhubarb!, and some decorative landscaping.)

And though I’d been searching for stable work and attempted and failed to go back to school while I was underemployed a few years ago, I thought that things would eventually turn around and I’d have the option of going back at some point in the next few years, but that point came much sooner than expected and with very unexpected results. Now, the job search and/or figuring out the next thing has a greater sense of urgency (though thanks to N we’re not going to starve or loose the house in the meantime) and I have even less desire to pound the pavement and jump back into the morass of shitty politics of my specialty in my field, yet I’m too many years away from other areas in the field so I’m no longer competitive in other specialties I’ve had in the past…

(And it was a happy fluke that I was able to telecommute for nearly four years too – that usually isn’t an option at all in my work – I’ve grown to really enjoy working from home and the thought of a several hours a day commute makes me nearly physically ill.)

dead squirrel*

The taste in my mouth right now is awfully bitter – the widest stretches of the world of art only ever serve the rich and their whims and needless needs, and it is a class in which I will never be comfortable, welcomed, or wish to bow to – so I don’t see much point in continuing a career in temples of poor dead people’s stuff.

I’d like to work in something far more fundamental or necessarily – life and death, food and shelter…

But I don’t particularly enjoy children on a regular basis, I haven’t the stomach for other’s bodily fluids, and waiting tables and construction require stamina and strength that I don’t have much of these days.

So I have no fucking clue which color of parachute I’d prefer now…

dead robin burial

(But I know I’m still coming at this from a place of relative privilege, so all in all, as usual, things could be so much worse.)

*And I’ve no idea how or why this robin ended up tits up in our garden, or this squirrel began melting into the yard (though the troublesome feral cats are likely to blame for him) but N gave them both proper burials underneath a bird-favorite bush that has become the boneyard for small wild things.



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12 responses to “A change other than the seasons…

  1. Pia

    My goodness – not quite the same but I could say that we’ve lately been thrown into a similar situation, and like you I’m too far away from any old skills to be in any way attractive to anyone with a decent job offer that won’t ruin my back or my soul in less than a month (and even those I suspect I couldn’t get). As well as not really wanting a job after being my own woman and not having to keep a schedule. I hate being told what to do, LOL.

    So I know pretty well how you feel. I wish you good luck finding the next path!

  2. Marlee

    I kinda thought that the dead Robin and rabbit were a bit symbolic of the change in your life…..ending mixed with a beginning.

    • Yep – only some of the beginning is getting exhausting and a little expensive… And I should have used a pic from the garden right now – each bed has something green coming out of it – very satisfying.

  3. Oh, and i like your creepy dead pictures. They really accented the mood and theme of this post. You can post garden pics next. 😀 And i haven’t heard “tits up” in ages. Thanks for that.

  4. What?! This is fucked up. Had no idea you were considering a move back. To hear they then screwed you over is upsetting.

    • Yeah, there was a total changeover of management – a bunch of layoffs last year too – it’s a mess and moral is terrible. But what we worked on is on solid financial ground way ahead of schedule so it’s good for that, but they wanted style, not substance, to be out in front of it…
      There might be a few project things coming up over the next year or two with the local uni – I’m not holding my breath, but shoot me an email if you plan to be back there… The field is getting a bit better than it was a few years ago, but is still a bit frustrating.

      • So after all your hard work they bring in new people? Jerks. I will keep in touch (thank you!). Glad to hear the job market is a little better. I’m unfortunately not hopeful we’ll end up back home. Bittersweet in a bunch of ways.

      • Thankfully, the assistant C is still there – she’s keeping the whole thing together! And yeah, I was bittersweet about going back – the city has changed a lot, but not in a good way – too many hipsters and gentrification. Not sure where we’ll be looking to go in a few years if at all…

      • Great to hear she is still there. And, yeah, we noticed the same thing about home. The secret is out and it sucks for us.

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