Addendum to the end of March…

I’m still waiting for the tiles to come in – I got the call that they came in, but when I went to pick them up, they had cancelled the order instead…

Not sure what happened there, but hopefully there’s still a bit of a time buffer…

Which is good because I can’t decide on the paint color.

This was the “temporary” fix – grey and pink – but the grey is much too pale for the soon to be mostly white with a bit o’black (bye bye almond!) tile and fixtures.

The three colors in the top pic are already in the house – I like repeating things for some degree of continuity – but these are all love it or hate it kind of colors.

Well, every color is really I guess…

The mint is in the kitchen.

It was our first, first choice, but the bath is pretty dim, so I’m afraid of it falling a bit dull – it didn’t work when we tried it with the almond fixtures.

The yellow is in the living room.

It’s been my current leaning-to color.

And the dull pink is in the guest room (doesn’t photo well, but it’s pink enough to not be band-aid, but it’s on the earthier side).

This was our choice for a good bit of time, partly because it’s already in there a bit and I could keep the curtain.

Which is another choice…

There’s just the right amount left of this vintage fabric that could work if the tree-like things were on their sides instead of upright – that might drive me nuts, but it works for all colors…


(I should have saved peach for it, but it’s already in the bedroom and half bath…)




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4 responses to “Addendum to the end of March…

  1. Pia

    Wrong person to ask here, as I dislike all three colour cards, but good luck with it!

    Maybe you could do a lighter shade of the mint if you like that the best?

    I like the green next to the tree on your curtain. (as it comes off my screen)

    • Yeah, the colors are a little bit different in life – the mint is pretty close to the green on the curtain – but if you’d asked me about these colors a few years ago, I’d hate them too, but I didn’t think I’d end up in a ’50s house!

      • Pia

        I’m glad you don’t mind me being honest, I figured since we’re not going to live together it doesn’t really matter if I love everything about your house 😉

        Yes, it’s that 50’s colour vibe I’m not fond of, but I can totally understand doing something that fits the style of your house.

      • Yeah, they all look like sickly sweet pastels!
        Our last house was in an area that was grey and overcast for most of the time and every wall was a warm variant – peaches, yellows, warm creams, etc., so it’s nice to be able to have some grey and green walls now without adding to the gloom.

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